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aG’s virtual golf courses are three-dimensional, including terrain, trees, and foliage. If you hit an obstacle with a golf ball, it impacts your play as if you were playing outdoors. At about GOLF, we are proud to say that our indoor golf simulators deliver a true-to-life experience from tee to green.

The AG Trainer Pro Simulator is the perfect entertainment center for a golf fanatic!

Industry-leading 3Trak® technology provides accurate ball and club data
Premium ball striking & stance mat

High-definition projection system

High-performance laptop calibrated to calculate insights from thousands of data points per swing

Bring your golf game indoors. Award-winning technology provides a realistic golf experience and helps you optimize your swing with insights into ball speed, launch angle, club speed, and more. A top-tier, accurate simulator from about GOLF can monitor your golf shots to help you track your club path and iron out the kinks in your swing.

Unlike outdoor golf, our simulator setup allows you to play golf whenever the links call your name, rain or shine, winter or summer.
Our simulator offers putt putt and other games.

Get specific ball data like:

• Distance
• Carry Distance
• Ball Speed
• Club Head Speed
• Backspin
• Launch angle, and much more!

Advanced AG technology lets players practice their long and short game with a realistic feel. Intelligent insights help users spot mistakes to perfect their swing.

Practice different types of shots and strategies to perfect your golf game on the Old Course.

Our Packages

The Faded Fore Package
Monday-Thursday $30 Members$25
Friday- Sunday $35 Members $30
per hour (Up to 4 golfers)
Private parties
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